Trails not only connect us with each other, they connect us with ourselves.

DAVID BURWELL, President, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, 2001

Much can be said about the simple trail. All major religions share in their use of “the trail” or “the path” as a metaphor for the virtuous life. Most of us traverse trail of some sort everyday, simply by going about our lives. Sometimes it’s ancient trail buried beneath a roadway. Others, it’s a fresh new path laid and built by a team of dedicated visionaries. But no matter if the trail is old or new, hidden or visible, there’s no denying the power of the trail to build and maintain the people and relationships necessary to keep communities strong and thriving. When trails wither, so too does a community’s cooperation and fellowship, followed in short order by civic engagement and pride.

We believe our neighborhoods and communities are worth fighting for, and that linking them together with innovative trails, paths, and greenways is one important way we can do that. We hope you join us in this mission, out on the trail.

Trails Bring Communities Together & Get Folks Moving

Every trail user group deserves their own unique place to enjoy their special trail experience, but for maximum value and appeal, each place must be connected to other points of interest along the larger trail network that can be reached, ideally, right from your driveway. It’s a long-term vision, and we need your help!

Featured Projects & Initiatives

The Trails @ Harrison Park West

Our first official project! Rehabilitating 80 acres of mostly abandoned City of Danville property, the envisioned site will include or potentially include: wooded, professionally designed bike park & skills area, pump track, hiking trails, disc golf, nature playscape, and more!

Trestle Bridge over the Middle Fork | Kickapoo Rail Trail, Oakwood, IL

Kickapoo Rail Trail Danville Extension

While the heavy lifting on this important connection is being handled by the City of Danville and others, VCTA wholeheartedly supports and advocates for the completion of the KRT, and has members involved in the planning process.

The Stoney Creek Greenway

A visionary, 10-year project to transform central Danville by transitioning old rail lines into a safe, secure, central, mixed-use pedestrian thoroughfare connecting Douglas and Winter Parks. Importantly, it would also open access and rehabilitate long-neglected Stoney Creek. HUGE POTENTIAL!

We’re just getting started.

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Just like any other public amenity or service, pedestrian and active transportation infrastructure like trails won’t be funded or planned if our local officials aren’t hearing from the public. Period.

If you share our vision, it is so important to make your voice heard! Let your officials know you want to see Vermilion County transformed into the regions hottest trail location. Together, we can do anything!

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Send a Form Letter

Send a letter to either a Danville or Vermilion County official and let them know you support the formation of a comprehensive plan and would like to see it implemented ASAP.

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Make a Public Comment

Attend a City of Danville committee or council meeting, or a Vermilion County board meeting, to let them know you support our mission and think they should too, without hesitation.

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Meet With Officials

From the highest levels of State and Federal government, to our local alder people and committee members, grassroots activism makes a difference. Share our message of transformation through trails with your network!

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